Apple Watch Corporate Branding

Having worked many years within various marketing departments, I've built a business mentality of spotting corporate branding opportunities whenever I see them. Take the case in point of the Apple Watch. Hermès did a good job for their branding when the partnered with Apple in selling their lines of Apple Watch Hermès. Did you know that each of the Apple Watch Hermès comes exclusively with Hermès branded customizable face? Yes, its face has the Hermès logo and three numeral displays and complications that can be customized (Figure 1).

Apple Watch Hermès
Figure 1: Apple Watch Hermès
But my point here is that Hermès has nicely used the Apple Watch for their own corporate branding. While it is not easy or cheap to partner with Apple for this kind of setup, there are other ways to easily and economically brand your products or services on the Apple Watch as I will show you in the rest of this article.

The latest software version of the Apple Watch allows you to customize your watch's face with photo(s) as the background (there are lots of information on the web showing you how to do this so search for it if you want to know how). We are limited to one style for now (entire watch's face area for our design with time and date in upper right corner) but that shouldn't stop us graphic designers from being creative and coming up with awesome designs around the limitation.

Apple Watch Hermès
Figure 2: Unofficial Olympic Apple Watch
It is very easy to design your own Apple Watch face once you know the specs. In the spirit of the Rio 2016 Olympics and Apple's unofficial release of their own Olympic bands, I've created a simple face with the Olympic logo to show how nice it looks on some of those limited-edition bands (Figure 2). Since Apple is not a sponsorship of the Rio 2016 Olympics, they and even the Olympic organization themselves cannot officially promote and use the logo along side with the Apple Watch. My example just shows how branding a certain product or service on the Apple Watch can be done with minimum work and money.

Coach Apple Watch with Customized Face
Figure 3: Coach Apple Watch with Customized Face
Another brand that has released their line of Apple Watch bands is Coach. Since this is not a partnership like that of Apple and Hermès, there is no Coach exclusive customizable face on the Apple Watch. However, that shouldn't stop Coach from offering their own branded watch's face that their customers can easily download and use on the Apple Watch along with their band if they choose to do so. You would think loyal Coach brand customers would want to show off that they are wearing their Coach band by displaying a watch's face with the Coach logo on their Apple Watch (Figure 3 shows mockup examples of what I mean).

There are millions of Apple Watch being worn by people all around the world and many more to come with the soon release of the Apple Watch 2. Each time an Apple Watch owner looks at the time, he or she will see what is displayed on the watch's face. Consider how many time a day a person will check the time on his or her watch (think constant brand awareness and recognition), getting your branding onto those watche's face by any way you can might just be good business